7 Must Haves for a Luxury Camping Holiday

How do you feel about sleeping under the stars? Sound exciting, right? How about waking up in the woods? Does it sound enchanting? While we all fantasise about a camping trip, and how much fun it could be, the reality of camping in the woods can cause anxiety. However, with a little preparation, you will enjoy your camping holiday. First, look at these seven must-haves that will make you camping exciting.

1. A Tent

Finding the right tent should be on top of your list for a camping holiday. If you are a first-time camper, you need to ask around for the ideal tent. Sometimes it is better to borrow from a friend when you do not know what to look for when purchasing one. Carry a tent that can house the people you are camping with. You can also carry a couple of small tents. However, a tent may not be necessary if you are going to a camp with pitched tents and other accommodation facilities.

2. A Sleeping Bag

You need a good night’s sleep after spending the day exploring and having fun. Therefore, you should invest in a sleeping bag for your camping trip. You can also bring your home bedding if it makes you comfortable. With sleeping bags available in different sizes and thickness, you should carry one that is appropriate for the weather. You do not want your trip to make you sick. The most important thing is to keep warm as much as possible.

3. Kitchen Essentials

Cooking in the open air is one of the fantastic aspects of camping. It is exciting and a perfect way to bond with the people you are camping with. Therefore, you need to have cooking equipment like pans, pots, utensils, and a source of heat. You must also carry enough fresh foods and vegetables for the duration of the camping holiday. Do not prepare fancy meals, simple meals will suffice and ensure you eat a healthy diet. If cooking is too much work, you can take your meals at the local cafes and restaurants.

4. Lighting

Camping sites can be very dark at night. Therefore, a source of light will come in handy. Invest in lanterns or torches for illuminating the camping area and preventing accidents. Citronella candles provide a warm ambience for a late dinner while keeping the insects at bay. If you are using torches, make sure you have enough spare batteries.

5. Entertainment

Whether you are going as a family or a group, entertainment is vital. When travelling without kids and pets, you should consider unplugging. Switch off your phone, spend the day away from social media, and enjoy the breath-taking scenery. There are numerous camping activities to enjoy with kids like board games and playing cards. Adults can read novels, listen to music, ride bicycles, and solve puzzles.

6. Clothing

You need warm clothes to avoid catching a cold, especially at night. You should also bring enough clothes because you are unsure of when you can do your laundry. Moreover, ensure you have the ideal footwear for the outdoors.

7. Transport

With a list of items to bring along for your trip, do you have a means of transportation? Your car is unlikely to carry the tent and all the necessary things. Therefore, you need to find the best campervans hire services for an ideal camping vehicle. The best campervans should fit the items you are transporting without feeling crowded.

Luxury camping is so much fun if you take the time to get ready for the trip and not rush at the last minute.