7 Proven Ways To Keep Your Pet Happy While On Travel

Going out with a new pet home is no less than a challenge. You feel almost like a parent who has been given an additional suitcase to be concerned about. You are most relaxed when you get a glimpse of someone waiting for you when you return home. But, you may not feel so when you are moving out with your four-legged partner. It has its own pattern of reacting to various stimuli; it does feel emotions like anger, sadness and insecurity or depression, and most importantly, its feeding needs are as real as yours, even while on the move. Emotions do not stop in an animal you are moving with to a new location, mind it!

If all this has left you overwhelmed or less confident about dealing with pets, you can consider taking a break. But, if it is not possible, then take help of these pointers to ensure a happy partner with you while travelling.

  • Bring him all groomed

Don’t you feel fresh and energetic when you have taken your bath or have pampered yourself with a relaxing spa? This is exactly how your pet feels when you engage it in a grooming section. The only sight of you carrying its grooming materials brings happy gleam to its eyes. Grooming also keeps various ailments related to skin and hair away. Just a session of combing or a full-fledged bathing regime can be a source of ultimate happiness for your lovely pet. So, keep the grooming session as such while planning the travel with the pet.

  • Take quality time breaks

Like your kids need your time and attention, do does the pet. You cannot treat it as a trophy or status symbol and tie it to the car door. It has to be treated like a family member and has all rights to nudge you for taking break when tired from travel. So, learn some games that can be played with your pet in car or at a motel/garden,, have a session of training and also develop a mode of communicating where you say something and the pet responds with its reactions. Such small yet impactful moments can boost the mental strength of your pet and cheers it to no end.

  • Keep the pet well-fed

By saying ‘well-fed’, it does not mean keep pressing the pet for more and more food. You must work as a team with your pet and the veterinarian and get all food advised packed. As a pet parent, you have to add some vibrancy to the meal and make it yummy while keeping the right nutrients in right amount. If you are looking for some readymade solutions that can offer good nutrition and a well-planned scrumptious meal for your pet, visit here. Giving in to the pet’s desire may be shortcut to pet’s happiness, but it can lead them to painful end. So, never put the dog on feline diet or a cat on dog diet due to restrictions common with travelling. Also, feed the dogs and cats the food closer to their original choices. In addition, plan the diet by placing the meals such a way that the pet is not too hungry to become restless or irritable due to the travel schedule.

  • Plan treats often

Monotony can bore anybody including your pet. So, if only routine you know is eat-work-sleep for the pet, then be ready to handle a dull or irritable pet. You need planning activities while car rides to new location.  Visit to parks, and trip to pet spa can also offer good option for a travel break.

  • Practice vigil against fleas and ticks

These pests are notorious for the kind of discomfort they cause to the pets. The pets may develop a skin ailment called allergic dermatitis when ticks attack. So, keep checking the pets for fleas and ticks to keep them happy and worry-free.

Apart from these, do not miss visiting to veterinarian for planning a travel with the pet. It keeps you aware of all the conditions possible with your pet and helps take proactive action to keep things in control. So, follow these points if you strive for a happy animal partner when you have hit the road.