How Many Types of Indian Visa? How To Apply?

Visa is a conditional document permitted by a country to people of another country, so they can get entry to the host country. Like other countries in the world, everyone from a foreign country needs a visa to enter India. But the type of visa you get depends on your requirement. Here is a list on How many types of Indian visa are there?

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Health Visa
  3. Employment Visa
  4. Business Visa
  5. Student Visa
  6. Intern Visa
  7. Journalism Visa
  8. Conference Visa
  9. Film Visa
  10. Research Visa
  11. Transit Visa
  12. Entry Visa
  13. Sports Visa
  14. Tourist Visa

The most issued types of visa in India. India is a culturally diverse country. And people from all around the world visit the country for its extensive cultural and historical buildings. It is an attraction site for tourists from all around the world. The tourist visa is issued for six months only and no tourist can stay for more than six months in the country. Minimum of two months is required for the issuance of a new tourist visa after the expiry of the first one.

  1. Health/Medical Visa

It is a type of visa in India issued to patients who want to visit India for treatment purpose. The duration of the visa is up to sixty days with two attendants visa for patients. The mode of treatment should be at specialized centers in India. Mostly medical visa is issued for patients with joint replacement, organ transplant, and heart surgery.

  1. Employment Visa

One of the visa types in India issued to people who come to work in registered organizations in India. It also depends on the duration of the project on which they are working.

  1. Business Visa

Business visa is issued to individuals who want to explore business opportunities in India. They do not make money during their business exploration. The maximum duration for this type of visa is 5-10 years.

  1. Student Visa

As the name indicates it is issued to students who secure admission at a recognized institute in India. These visas are both long term and short term depending on the program duration.

  1. Intern Visa

It is an addition to the India visa type list. Separated from the employment visa, now people who want to do an internship in India can apply for the intern visa.

  1. Journalism Visa

The visa is issued to professional journalists and photographers for three months only. This visa has lots of benefits as you can get access to many places not in reach of other people.

  1. Conference Visa

If you are attending a conference in India organized by the government, you fall into the category of conference visa. For attending conferences with private organizations you have to apply for a business visa.

  1. Film Visa

Commercial film production or shooting ads fall in the category of Film visa and is recently added to Indian visa types. It is issued for one year.

  1. Research Visa

A hard to get a visa, it is issued only to scholars and researchers from the world.

  1. Transit Visa

If a person has to stay in India for a few hours or just 2-3 days require a transit visa. But you need to show flight tickets for the duration.

  1. Entry Visa

It applies to people who do not need any of the above visas. They can be foreign-born Indian, people who take asylum in holy places in India, to spouse and children of foreigners in India with Business Visa.

  1. Sports Visa

It is issued to players who are participating in any sports event organized in India. The visa is issued for the duration of the event.

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