How to Enjoy the Nightlife of Koh Samui as a Single Male?

Koh Samui is one of the most demanded island nightlives of all Thailand if we disregard Phuket, which is an island technically that doesn’t really feel like one. As well as due to the fact that there is a lot going on there and massive differences in the nightlife and women scene depending upon the coastline, I assume it makes good sense to give you a rough introduction of the daily home entertainment prior to entering into each category.

Koh Samui Night Life Review

90% of all sex of Thailand taking place on Koh Samui is occurring on the island’s eastern side of the beach towns, particularly Hat Lamai and Hat Chaweng, Hat means beach in Thai. Excuse me, of course, I mean, 90% of the nightlife areas on Samui are located on the eastern coastline. There is literally absolutely nothing to monger on the western and southerly shore. Just if you are reaching the island by ferryboat, you are going to see the west coastline as the ferry terminal is located there. It takes around 45 mins to one hour to go across the island from west to eastern by bike.

If you are a single man vacationer seeking fun and pleasure with local Thai ladies, well, regarding 60-70% of all hookers on Samui actually originate from Isaan, then make sure you book your hotel or Samui villas on Chaweng Coastline. Only if you are traveling with your girlfriend and aren’t planning a mischievous threesome, you might pick rather the much more enjoyable Lamai Coastline. It is a few kilometers away towards the south of Chaweng, as well as a twenty minutes flight by bike. Yes, there are also a lot of beer bars and massage parlors, satisfied finishing ones; however, not nearly as many, and I additionally discovered the girls’ quality in Chaweng is much better compared to Lamai. The young and stunning just go where the cash, huge hotels, as well as busy clubs are.

There are likewise some resorts on the southerly and northern shore, such as Maenam Beach, Bophut Beach, and Lipa Noi Coastline; however, once more, those places are much better for reading books all day long, as well as a silent fish and shellfish supper during the night. Indeed, there is a strange bar or massage salon, but it’s absolutely nothing contrasted to Chaweng and Lamai. But if you like spa, you can visit spa Koh Samui