How to Travel the UK (or Almost Any Country!) on a Budget


How to Travel the UK on a Budget


Great scenery and cultural heritage are the two words that most describe the beauty of Britain. With innumerable historical landmarks, an extensive coastline and the city’s vibrancy, UK appeals to millions of tourists every year. It is, no doubt, the perfect summer road trip territory you can experience. If you are looking for an authentic experience of the city and are planning to travel on a budget, hiring a campervan will give you a unique opportunity.

Why you should use a Campervan 

Campervans are designed for slow travels, allowing you to soak yourself in the beauty of the sceneries around you. Tour the English countryside and explore the lush hills of Wales and the Scottish Highlands. No matter what you choose to do, a campervan will suit your travel needs allowing you to move at your own pace. More so, you get to stay in a boutique hotel to experience different views each day. It means you will not be constrained by the location. In the campervan, you have your suitcase, bed and kitchen. 

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If you can’t go trekking across the UK with a tent on your back, then a campervan holiday is designed for you. Not only is it accessible but affordable too. You may have young kids, members with health issues or you simply feel you are running out on energy. In this case, why not hire a campervan for comfort and adventure?

Where should you rent? 

The UK has many cheap campervans you can hire. Each of them has personalised amenities, prices and style. Before settling on a model, you need to put size into the equation to ensure the campervan you choose suits your needs. When renting, consider the age of the vehicle too. The newer models may be a little more expensive but have better quality and do higher mileage than the older ones.

Understand that seasons have a great impact on price. During summer, costs tend to double, so it might make sense to travel off season when travelling on a budget.

If you are on a budget choose the older vehicles since they have great rates. Budget campervans have something for everyone.

Budget Saving Tips for a Campervan Adventure 

Renting a campervan can help you save large amounts of money. Here are some budget saving tips:

• Only travel during the offseason if you are on a budget: In the UK, tourism is high during summer and at this time, campervan hire is high.
• Cook your meals: Campervans have kitchens, so be sure to make your own food instead of spending the money on hotel menus.
• Make a stopover in pubs: Most pubs in the UK operate on a 24-hour basis. You only need to get parking in one of them, order a drink, and then wait for morning.

Traveling to the UK can be a costly venture. From booking plane tickets, hotels, food and transport, there is a lot you will have to spend your money on. For a budget-friendly adventure, you might want to rent a campervan for an ultimate road experience.