Places for buying Traditional Souvenirs

While traveling and exploring we all carry back souvenirs. When in Jaipur the shopping list can be a bit too long owing to the amazing traditional stuff the place features. There are many places to see in Jaipur to buy traditional souvenirs. Let’s take a look at some of the many such shopping places:-

Johri Bazaar – You must have heard of it already the popularity is such. If you’re a fan of jewelry then this is the place to purchase some exotic traditional stuff. There is a wide range of jewelry available ranging from gold to kundan to silver. The marketplace also sells lehengas and sarees with the specific Rajasthani touch.

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Badi Chaupar – This shopping place is located quite close to Hawa Mahal hence you can plan on visiting both of them together. Here you can purchase items like clothing with exclusive block printing designs. There are also various other gift items and souvenirs available to shop for.

Bapu Bazaar – Bapu Bazaar is another popular marketplace where you can purchase some excellent embroidered clothing. This is also the fashion street in the city. You can also purchase some leheria, Jaipuri shawls, Jaipuri woolens, Rajasthani skirts, and others in this marketplace. The specialty of this place is Lac jewelry. Therefore, make sure to bring back home a pair of Lac bangles.

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Nehru Bazaar – If touring Jaipur and planning for some shopping don’t forget to get at least a pair of brightly colored mojri. Mojris are a Rajasthani footwear kind that one can wear with an ethnic outfit. Nehru Bazaar is an ideal place to buy some amazing mojris. The collection is such that you’d be spoilt for the variety. Other items to shop from this market include bandhani dupattas and exclusive hand-printed cloth material for dresses.