Pre-Travel Checklist For Domestic Holiday Travel

Planning to travel during the holidays? Here’s a quick way to find best hotels only at and handy pre-travel checklist for domestic holiday travel that will help you stay ahead of the game on departure day.

1. Input names, phone numbers, and important travel information into your cell phone. Include the phone number of the airline you’re traveling on, and also hotel names, numbers and any reservation numbers. If you are a member of an airline’s frequent flying program, then be sure to take along that number, too.

In case you’re delayed, miss your flight, or there’s a major change of plans after your trip has begun, be smart and input the phone numbers into your cell phone of major airline carriers, hotel chains and taxi cab or limo services. You’ll be hours ahead of other travelers who will have to search for that information.

Yes, if you have a cell phone with a data plan you can always look up this information online. However, if for some reason you have no satellite signal, you’ll be especially glad that the numbers are stored in your phone.

2. Always make sure that you have a second plan in mind in case Plan A fails. Figure out where you’ll stay for the night, which hotel you’ll stay in, or which alternate airlines you’ll use if yours isn’t available.

3. With that in mind, it’s also a good idea to have a bus or train schedule available, as well as the numbers of car rental agencies. When flights are canceled, the first counter travelers head for are places like Hertz and Avis.

4. Thanks to today’s technology, you can set up a flight alert that communicates with passengers and family when a flight is delayed, canceled, or rescheduled. Make it a point to set an alert.

5. Know the luggage rules and regulations for the airline that you’ll use. The best travel advice is to just travel with a carry-on. This enables you to always know where your belongings are and if your itinerary changes, you’re ready to go. No waiting at baggage claim. Just be prepared to pay a fee for your carry-on bag, if required. Most importantly, don’t try to bring an oversized carry-on onto the plane. You might be surprised when the flight attendant has it transported to the baggage area of the plane.

6. Become knowledgeable about your rights as a passenger. If you get bumped from your flight and you’re not flying stand-by, what are your rights? Be informed as to how much money you can receive as a traveler if you are bumped involuntarily. Understand the rules for rebooking flights for domestic travel. In most instances, travelers can be eligible for up to $800 cash if their itinerary flight plans are not rerouted within two hours shown on the original documentation for domestic flights.