The Benefitting Hot Bath In Natural Hot Springs

Naturally heated by terrestrial heat, the hot springs are so loaded with minerals and trace elements that they are the basis of many treatments in spa institutes and thalassotherapy centers. But what are the therapeutic properties of hot water?

This is particularly the case in volcanic regions (where water is in direct contact with very high temperature rock, magma), but not only; in fact, the deeper a source of water, the more it will be in contact with the hot rocks contained in the earth’s crust, and the higher its temperature will be. Generally speaking, the term “hot water source” designates a thermal source whose temperature exceeds 36.7 ° C.

In California, hot springs are numerous, whether wild sources (in the wilderness, where swimming is not supervised), or thermal springs (when the hot water source is exploited by a thalassotherapy center or spa treatment type establishment).

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Benefits and therapeutic properties of hot springs

If hot springs are so famous in the health field, and that they are the basis of many treatments (indoor or outdoor baths, submerged massages, hydromassage baths, etc.) in the centers of hydrotherapy is that they have widely proven benefits. These benefits come from their great wealth of minerals .

Indeed, even if the composition of thermal waters varies according to their location , these hot waters all have in common that they are particularly loaded with calcium, magnesium, lithium, chlorine, sulfates.

This wealth of minerals combined with the high temperature of the water gives hot springs many therapeutic properties. So:

  • In internal treatment , they are used to treat skin diseases and improve healing
  • Without forgetting, of course, the relaxing side inherent in any hot water bath.

Accompanied by lavender oil to promote relaxation, the hot water bath in Palm Springs Hot Springs is relaxing after a busy dayin . Stress results in muscle tension, headaches, fatigue and body aches. Whether you choose a shower, a bath or even better a spa, you should quickly feel triumph over stress: heat increases blood flow, joints and muscles are relieved. Hot water is also the basis of the principles of reflexology: the effects of massages stimulate the production of endorphin, the body’s natural pain relievers.

Hot water is more powerful for cleaning the body

Hot water is indeed more powerful to remove excess oil and dirt on the surface of the skin: the skin will be fresher and therefore healthy. Hot water also promotes the opening of skin pores. If you particularly appreciate taking care of your skin, then do it after a bath of hot water, the creams will be more effective: the high temperatures favor their absorption by the pores of the skin.