Want to explore the famous garden parks in Bangalore? Refer to the list below!

Gardens elevate the beauty quotient of a place to a much extent. With trees, flowers, scrubs and all sorts of greenery all around, it adds a plus element to the attraction of a place. And therefore, Bangalore attracts tourists for this very same reason. Popularly regarded as the ‘garden city’, this place houses several beautiful parks and gardens that spread across a sprawling number of acres and undergo maintenance treatments after regular intervals. The greenery is so widespread that it is visible even from the flights flying above the city. 

If you are a nature lover, you can buy your airline tickets to this city to explore the gardens and parks heartily. When I visited here last time, I did not have plans of exploring the city outskirts and hence, I restricted myself to these beautiful parks and found out that those were the best sources of rejuvenation. On that note, listed below are some of the refreshing gardens and parks in Bangalore that gave me the best experience and will give you too. 

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh is one of the best gardens in Bangalore city. Tracing its roots back to Tipu Sultan’s father Haider Ali, this Botanical Garden is a favourite among tourists. This place is filled with some pristine ponds, finely pruned flowering plants, playing areas for children and even tracks for cycling and jogging. It is spread over a huge area and therefore, you will need to spare an entire day to explore this garden. The places that I found interesting within the premises were the aquarium, a beautiful lake and a magnificent glasshouse that hosts the flower exhibition every year. Since I had paid a visit here after lunch, I wasn’t very keen on sitting down. And therefore, I took the cycles that were kept for hire at the entrance and explored the garden on the cycle ride. Watching the cascade of the park gradually turn orange with the sunset was the best view that I witnessed from the cycle ride. 

Cubbon Park

Officially regarded as the ‘lung’ of Bangalore city, Cubbon Park is the largest area of greenery in town. Gulmohar trees adorn the pathways in the park and it looks splendid from the entrance. Some popular natural features of this park include the picturesque Bangalore Aquarium and the Seshadri Iyer Memorial Park. Here, you can come during the evenings to enjoy the sight of the delightful musical fountain which also facilitates an enthralling laser show. The Park along with the lotus pond is home to over 5000 different species of indigenous plants. I was lucky enough to have reached the park before the Musical Fountain and Laser Show, and therefore, I could enjoy the entire event to my heart’s satisfaction. The Cubbon Park Museum and Kacheri Attara are some of the other specialities of this place which are mainly populated by foreigners and children.

Lumbini Gardens

Situated by Nagavara Lake, Lumbini Park is ideal for rejuvenating amidst nature and serenity in Bangalore. Amusements in Lumbini Park are not just limited to activities on the ground but also include several amazing water activities to indulge in. Lumbini Gardens has been named after the Buddhist site of significance in Nepal and its ambience is in tune with the peace and spiritualism we associate with Buddhism. Lumbini Gardens houses various plant species and is home to a few rare birds who migrate here to escape extremities. A huge statue of Lord Buddha stands in the centre of the park and is a sight to behold. A fact that intrigued me on my visit was that it also has an artificial beach which is made for children to enjoy while in the park. There is also a beautiful restaurant floating on the top of Nagavara Lake where you can enjoy snacks and have a fun time with your significant other.

Cariappa Memorial Park

As the name suggests, this park has been constructed in the memory of Marshal K.M. Cariappa. Home to almost two thousand various species of trees, this Park has been thoughtfully designed according to a military theme. It also boasts a separate Children’s Park that constitutes games inspired by rigorous training sessions in the army but there are supervisors to ensure the safety of each child. The pond inside the Park houses a small but pretty fountain that attracts several different birds. The area is not as sprawling as Lal Bagh or Cubbon Parks but it is perfect for early morning walks and relaxing evening strolls. Just at the entrance, there is an information board that states that performance by military bands is held once in two weeks to pay tribute to the brave Late Marshall. The entire area is covered with fidelity pruned carpet grass and you can come here for picnics and play outdoor games like badminton.

Bangalore is studded with an array of beautiful gardens and parks. So, while in the city make sure to visit at least a few of them so you don’t regret skipping the phenomenal gardens which India boasts of. Since the weather remains pleasant throughout the year, you can come here at any time of the year and get lost in the incredible beauty of the gardens in Bangalore.