What Makes the Best Sports Bar and Restaurant

Crafty Sports Bar is an international-level restaurant on the Gold Coast that’s positively changing the hospitality landscape. Boasting of having an energetic and active venue that encourages humor, fun, and a competitive socializing environment, the Crafty’s sports bar is the place for friends to meet and share cocktails, crafty brews while watching sports games and listening to amazing DJ music. There are many qualities that make Crafty Sports Bar the perfect restaurant for all around Australia.


The crafty sports bar Australia is conveniently located close to public transport links. It sits accessibly in most convenient areas around the Gold Coast. It’s likewise close to the best public roads you can comfortably drive to our place any time you feel like.  You are here to have fun so chances are high you will late. So, you don’t want a place you cannot easily connect vehicles or smoothly drive home.

Game Selection

Every high-end sports bar will offer a great range of all kinds of modern and traditional games. They will have in place all old-fashioned sports games like video games, darts, table football, and pool.  Why would you drive to a sports bar if you won’t get a chance to enjoy a huge variety of high-end sports? At Crafty’s sports bar, you will find tons of amazing sports to enjoy real entertainment and rock yourself to the fullest.

Quality of Food and Drinks

You love the DJ music, the games, and customer care but do the drinks match your standard? You aren’t visiting the sports bar specifically to play games and listen to music. You are going there to have real fun eating your favorite foods, and drinking craft brews and drinks. The quality of the food served should be great and drinks should be high-class.  Look out for sports bars that serve amazing foods like pizzas, fried chicken, chicken wings burgers, and many other high-class meals. The beers should be of top quality be they bottled or tapped.

Ambiance and Customer Service

The sports bar ambiance should be captivating and energetic. It should be welcoming. You don’t want to eat out in a sports bar that has dull decors that represent doom rather than happiness. The customer attendants should be super compassionate and smart. They shouldn’t keep you waiting for hours and if they have to do so, they should alert you on time. They should cause havoc between you and your friends. They should be people who understand their job and are compassionate about what they do.


You have checked everything about the sports bar but have you confirmed about the prices? If you haven’t, do not be surprised if you pay double for a bottle of beer.  Checking out and comparing prices from several sports bars will make it easier for you to select a bar where your pocket is safe. Settle for the best sports bars such as the Crafty sports bar Australia and live to tell the story. You won’t only enjoy the service, music, drinks, and food but also make great savings.