Why is it essential to have a biometric passport to have an EVUS visa?

The evus is for Chinese nationals. It is an online system to get a valid travel authorization for two years. But if the passport of the applicant gets expired before the expiry of the EVUS visa, then automatically the evus permission gets to expire as soon as the passport expires, within two years. For getting an evus permit, the citizen should have a valid passport .all you need is to have a ten-year visa and a b1/b2 visitor visa to apply for the EVUS system. It’s an excellent option for china residents. The evus visa issues a validity of two years.

The need for a biometric passport

The trend of biometric passports is increasing rapidly and saying goodbye to traditional passports. Biometric passport includes fingerprints, iris prints, and faces recognition. The modern system of making a passport ensures a high-level of security and safety to the personal information provided by an applicant. Therefore, it is also known as e-passports.the system of making a passport is wholly based on the internet, and all the information is stored online. The need for a biometric passport is becoming essential in few countries .for china residents, and for getting an EVUS visa, the need for a biometric passport is necessary.

The brighter side of biometric passport

Prevent fraud: in traditional passports, the information was given in the form of documents. The documents are in the office after completing the process. Some people tried to stole to papers from the office, which is known as a fraud. Even the person miss uses the personal information of others and causes harm to them. To avoid scams, the biometric system is introduced, which keeps the data safe and secure. People tried to commit high-level frauds like crossing the border with false identification and so on.

Easy procedure: the process of making biometric passports is straightforward, and easy-passports are made with the help of the internet, so they tell a few minutes to complete the registration process. Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to make passports by visiting the office again and again. So, in this case, the trend of biometric passports is introduced. The procedure is quite easy and fast .likewise; now, more applicants can get themselves registered in one day. Thus the introduction of biometric passports helps in earning more profit as many applications are filled in a single day.

In the bottom line

EVUS visa is termed as the most valid visa amongst the all. The evus visa is essential if a person wants to visit different parts of the United States. As we know that getting a US visa is not an easy task. But it’s a golden opportunity for china residents to get the permission of two years quickly. The china residents can visit the United States for two years and can renew their visas after its expiry. The renew procedure is effortless and straightforward. The resident can travel to the US hundreds of times within two years. It’s good to have china nationality and EVUS visa.