4 Amazing Vacation Ideas You Should Try This Year

Vacation time is the best time of the year. It’s a time when you simply think of relaxing and having fun all day long! However, most people find it hard to choose a vacation activity or theme for each year. They, therefore, end up with one activity; going to the beach!

Going to the beach is fun. Nonetheless, when done every year, it becomes boring. You need to spice up your vacations with new adventures and ideas every once in a while.

Depending on your financial situation and the free time you have, there are tons of vacation ideas you can try. In this article, I will look into four cool ideas you can try this year instead of going to the beach.

1.     Take a Cruise

While most people fear taking cruises, cruising is one of the most fun activities you can try for your vacation. Living on board and sailing over the water for days and weeks can be fun!

Most cruise ships have hundreds of activities you can try. There are play clubs for the kids, bars and restaurants, dance clubs, swimming pools, video game centers and even tennis and squash courts.

This means that there is something for everyone! You can even get spa services if you wish!

Cruises also host hundreds of people, and so, you get to interact with different people, learn new cultures and have fun!

It’s also one of the cheapest vacation ideas.

2.     Staying at Luxury Hotels

Staying at a luxury hotel is another unique idea. Although luxury hotels can be quite expensive, they offer a variety of services that are worth every cent you paid.

The hotels provide you with all that you’d wish and want; Private rooms, world-class services, amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, play areas, and even activities such as yoga and meditations.

5-star hotels such as Ayana, one of the best luxury hotels in bali, has the best deals for your vacation. The guests get a private butler during your stay, a floating breakfast on the private pool, private villas facing the ocean, and numerous other activities.

The hotel also offers some tours around the local town and some sports activities like golf and tennis. You are therefore assured of the best vacation by staying there.

3.     Camping and hiking

If you are looking for an adventure or want to challenge yourself, then try camping or hiking. Unlike the beach where you bask all day, camping will help you improve your problem-solving skills.

Staying at a forest or campsite, you learn how to light fires without a matchstick and how to survive with no clean tap water! If on a family vacation, you can bond over a bonfire as you take turns in telling stories and sharing experiences.

When hiking, you’ll get a chance to interact with other hikers, make new friends, and even learn different cultures while you encourage each other up the mountain.

4.     Visit National Parks and Sanctuaries

When was the last time you went to a national park? Well, your vacation time is the best time to go and see the wild animals.  This activity is not only cheap but it’s also beneficial for the kids. Your kids get to learn about the different animals they learn in school.

You can also enjoy some great activities in parks such as riding air balloons around the parks, or going on an adventure cruise around a marine park.

If your budget allows, you can even take a safari across Africa and see the lions, cheetahs, elephants and hyenas in their natural habitat!


There are numerous other ideas you can try for your vacation besides hanging out at the beach. The best thing about is that some of these activities are budget-friendly and so, you have no excuse not to try.

Going on different vacation adventures opens your eyes and helps you appreciate the world and its different people. Therefore, don’t just lay at the beach, try these ideas today!