Awesome Spots to Snorkel in Lahaina, Hawai’i

Lahaina, Hawai’i offers incredible snorkeling and swimming, in addition to opportunities to encounter exotic marine wildlife. Take in the many sea turtles lingering by the shore everyday, while overlooking the scenic Napili Bay. Lahaina offers several popular snorkeling tours. One of the best in the area is ‘The Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel Tour’. 

The crew offers several different tours for your group to search, find, and watch the majestic beauty of the whales. During the 4 hour half day trip, you will sail from Lahaina to Lanai for dolphin watching and snorkeling. Take the trip during migration season (Dec-Apr) Departing from Maui’s Lahaina Harbor, this half day tour makes 1-2 stops for guests to snorkel. 

Breakfast, snacks, and drinks are provided to guests. The Whale Watch Tour supports marine wildlife research. While with the crew, you might encounter a pod of dolphins or whales breaching. The 6 hour full day trip will include 2-3 stops on Lanai for snorkeling.

Napili Bay

On your to-do list for top Lahaina snorkeling spots, make sure to add Napili Bay. Keep in mind that you will need to get to the bay early to get a spot in the car park conveniently located right off of the highway. Waiting later in the day will subject you to large crowds and excess visitors. The water in Napili Bay stays warm and very clear for snorkeling. 

The bay’s fantastic beach restaurant ‘Sea House’ has received rave reviews for spectacular seafood, and a great staff, eager to make recommendations about your trip. Sea House offers a hearty American breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, along with Hawaiian and Polynesian dishes. Many find the beach to be relaxing. 

Perfect for body surfing, as the waves are frequent. Some snorkelers prefer to visit when the water is calm and to body surf when the beach has larger swells. Parents with small children also appreciate this beach for family outings. Little ones enjoy the smaller waves and lots of sand to frolic in. Enjoy the reef at the Bay to snorkel or paddle boat.

Wahikuli Beach Park

This park’s west side is another of Lahaina’s prime spots for snorkeling.  Here, the sea floor is mostly sand. With lots of green lawn space, visitors have access to the perfect spot to relax or have a picnic after snorkeling and scuba diving. 

The park has several entrances along the road, and accessible facilities such as public restrooms. Thrill seekers may be interested in diving from Black Rock. Wahikuli Beach park is known for being peaceful and quiet, and not normally crowded. Great snorkeling and quite a few turtles to see right from the beach.

Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay Marine Preserve strictly prohibits fishing. Located northwest of Maui, guests have access to the major resorts within a maximum of 15 minutes. The best time to go snorkeling in Honolua Bay is usually between 7 and 11 am.  To go snorkeling, head to the (North) right side of the shore along the rocks. 

Most of the corals and sea life are concentrated there. Honolua Bay boasts the “favorite wave in Hawaii” by many visitors. Virtually limitless positive reviews on this secluded and intimate snorkeling spot. Honolua has also gained considerable notoriety for its exclusive snorkeling tours. The waters here are extremely calm with little to no current.

During your trip you should encounter coral, a vast amount of fish, and eels. The Honolua snorkel sail team of well informed staff will guide you through your trip with great ease.