Chennai: A home away from Home

Chennai, formerly known as the Madras, is a capital of Tamil Nadu. Situated along the side of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai has always attracted tourist in the past and continues to do so even today. The city of Chennai is home to many prominent places of worship and sports beautiful architecture. With the scenic beaches and Dravidian inspired temple designs, this city will leave you spellbound.

Apart from this, Chennai as a city has a homely aura. Maybe it’s the strong aroma of filter kaapi that makes you feel right at home or perhaps it’s the sambar or rasam that reminds you of your grandmother. But, there is indeed something about this place that gets your heart going “home”.

With time, Chennai has made certain modifications in its infrastructure but, the essence of the city is still intact. Chennai has managed to welcome the new and restore the old in many ways. One of recent developments is opening its homes for tourist. With this the tourist can get a first-hand glimpse of the Tamilian culture, couture and cooking, which they may not find in any of 5-star hotels in Chennai.

With the concept of homestays, the city offers you its best. We present to you a few of the mesmerising homestays in the city.

  • Veedu Homestay:

This small escape in the city will make you want to ditch the luxury hotels in Chennai. This four bedroom homestay comes with two double bedrooms and two single bedrooms. The living area has an ample of seating and dining space. The homestay also features a terrace where you can either start of unwinding the day.

  • Samara Villa beach house:

Located at a 10 minutes’ drive from the city, the Samara Villa Beach House is a brilliant getaway from the city’s hustle-bustle. It features air-conditioned rooms along with a huge balcony. Guests can reach various tourist spot such as ISKCON Temple, Mahabalipuram Temple and Kovalam beach from here in a short drive. This villa also features a swimming pool, television and indoor games. Complimentary Wi-Fi access is given on arrival. The homestay serves authentic Tamilian and French cuisine and has a separate section for vegetarians.

  • Cloud Nine Service Apartments:

This homestay is another reason to say no to the 5-star hotels in Chennai. The Cloud Nine Service Apartments is located in a posh locality. It provides complimentary Wi-Fi to its guests, and the front desk offers 24/7 service. The homestay is only 1.7 kilometres away from the famous, Kapaleeshwar Temple, where the Dravidian influence on the architecture is quite evident.

Each room comes with a private bathroom and shower. The rooms also have a fan, wardrobe, and a seating area. This homestay is an excellent choice if you want to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

As a concept, the homestays may be pretty recent in Chennai but, they are sure catching up and giving you plenty of reasons to ditch a 5-star hotel in Chennai. Plus, with the locals around, you are sure to get first-hand knowledge of how people live here.