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Professionalism, courtesy and efficiency distinguish a car rental service in the Limousine rental market allowing us to provide you with a superior quality service. Discover all the advantages of a professional limousine rental service:


Have you ever wondered how you could make your wedding ceremony stand out? Renting a limousine is a fantastic idea, which allows you to have an impeccable service with a great scenic effect. Just think of the wow effect of your arrival at the ceremony location in a splendid limousine, and with the driver in livery who drops you from the car beautifully wrapped in the wedding dress in front of all the guests: an absolutely unforgettable moment. Professional car rental boasts many years of experience in the limousine wedding sector. Their staff will listen to your needs to provide you with all the advice you need to make a wedding in a great style limousine. Also do not forget to arrange for the Oshawa Party Bus.

Private Parties

Do you want to try a new and thrilling experience? You can experience new and fantastic emotions by renting a limo for a party or event. For example, think about how fun it will be to celebrate a birthday with your best friends aboard a huge and luxurious limousine: impossible to go unnoticed!

Car rental services also gives you the opportunity to organize wonderful bachelor and bachelorette parties to celebrate the last day as a single with your friends or friends, if you want with a sexy show dedicated to the birthday girl or the birthday boy, directly inside the limo.

Transfer Service

The car rental services, dedicates a sophisticated limousine transfer service to professionals and companies, to meet all those who for business or professional needs have to go for example to an airport, a hotel, or want to receive an important customer, with top class service and unrivaled comfort. In addition, the NCC license allows the limousine to directly access the airports, enter the historic centers of the cities and in all areas.


Have you ever thought about using a limo for your event? Luxury Car Rental services puts its staff at your disposal to listen to your needs, and offer you all the solutions to create a unique event. Renting a beautiful limousine can be a wonderful idea to highlight your event, or to arrive just like a star at a nightclub, theater or major event.

A gorgeous limousine catches the eye of the guests and highlights any event. Whether it is a fashion service, a product launch or a suggestive company inauguration, with a prestigious limousine your event is highlighted. Whether you need a classy item, or a touch of style, a limousine will be your highlight for a spectacular event!

Tourist Tours

You can admire the beauties of our country in many ways but, why not do it aboard a magnificent limousine? Professional luxury car rental services offers you the possibility to realize splendid tourist tours in customized limousines, organizing comfortable trips tailored for you. You will discover how extremely comfortable it is to relax while admiring the view and, why not, sipping fine Champagne in the company of your family, or cheerfully toast with your friends.