Eight Reasons To Give Paddleboarding A Try in 2022

Even if you don’t live near water, you will likely have heard of stand-up paddleboarding or, as it is often referred to, SUP. This is because SUP has become one of the most popular watersports across the world, with organizations popping up in towns and cities across the states. These groups, as well as individual hobbyists, are revelling in an activity that is full of benefits, taking to their favourite lakes and waterfronts to find adventure.

If you haven’t already tried SUP, there’s quite a bit that you’re missing out on. And, if the amount of people singing praise for the activity isn’t enough, we’re sharing eight reasons why you should give paddleboarding a try this year.


Having an activity that you can enjoy with friends is invaluable, bringing you together to share an experience, as well as encouraging you to get outdoors even when the weather is poor. For newcomers to the watersport, having others join you can be a great way to feel safe too because, when exploring unfamiliar waterways it is important to look after yourself and others.


One of the most favoured benefits of SUP is the physicality it provides. Learning to balance and control your body on the waves is great exercise while still being accessible to newcomers and those looking to improve their fitness.


Finding new bodies of water, as well as the little-explored shores they lead to, is a great thrill to many paddleboarding enthusiasts. If you’re an avid traveller already, bringing your paddleboard along can heighten the experience, giving you an excuse to pull out a map and explore new locations.


Getting outdoors is, as many will know, a superb benefit to your mental health, with many finding standing atop gentle waves or calm water to be just the environment within which to balance themselves.


If you’re a content creator or simply want to pursue an activity that will fill your personal feed with stunning and unique images, then SUP is the way to go. Getting out on the water, finding quiet shores, and into secluded caves, you will find yourself with endless and remarkable vantages for creative content.


SUP is undoubtedly fun, being able to adapt to the desires you might have on the day. If you’re looking for a thrill, then you can seek out choppy waters or push yourself to a greater distance than before. Or, alternatively, if you’re intending to relax and centre yourself, perhaps with a spot of yoga on the water, then you can do that too.


First dates can make or break a relationship, with many finding success in interesting activities. Taking your partner out onto water can be just that. Then, if you both take to SUP, you can seek out new spots together!

Family Fun

The accessibility of SUP also means that it’s a great activity for families, with children and more elderly family members being able to find their footing atop a board quite well. Plus, there’s even a dedicated dog community among paddleboarders, so your four-legged friends can join too!