Red Doorz – The booking process

Are you planning on taking a tour across Southeast Asia, well let me help out a bit. So you probably know that booking a hotel room online is easy, and doesn’t take much time, but are any of those decreasing the costs. Maybe, but sometimes they only will do that for certain locations, and a few in Asia, that’s where I tell you that you can get the best accommodations with for a low budget with Red Doorz Indonesia. They are a budget accommodation site, and will provide you with the best services possible. 

How does it work?

It is fairly easy and won’t take up too much of your time, it is a 3 step process. First of all you will have to go onto their site, and select your budget hotel, check a check in date and check out date and the number of rooms needed, then click on book now. Simple as that. You can choose the location as well and get a number of hotels within that area and compare the prices. Then all you have to do is sit on a plane and get to your destination. 

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the location, how long you’re staying for, and in what kind of room you are staying in. Generally if you want to stay in Manila for 5 days for a double room would cost you LKR 23,722. This is just with one bed in it, the prices will change depending on this too. It is also possible for the prices to exceed LKR 50,000 as these hotels maybe closer to tourist attractions and so on. 

What you need to know about booking?

Before you go and book it through Red Doorz Indonesia you need to know that if you want to cancel because you are not sure you will have to contact their customer service, and sometimes you may be charged a cancellation fee. Also there are various payment methods, and any post-paid credit card payments will be done when the reservation is a guarantee. And if you think that your reservation was not processed you can once again contact customer service and they would be happy to help you out. You can also live chat them if you have already made it your hotel and they say you’re not booked. So remember these few details.