What to explore in Singapore and Scent-osa workshop

Are you planning a holiday or your honeymoon in Singapore? Singapore for honeymooners and nature lovers considered the fifth most visited tourist destination in the world for its nature, greenery and cleanliness. Singapore is famous for its Orchids which is the national flower of Singapore. There are about 80 varieties of Orchids and have a amazing smells as they are pollinated by bees. Singapore is also famous for its distinctive range of perfumes using orchids fragrance as their main ingredient.

The word “SCENT”

“A scent is a pleasant smell or odour“

Scent means to feel, perceive or sense. If someone wears a perfume, then he leaves his  scent in the air. 

An odour is caused by one or more chemical compounds  generally found in low concentrations and perceived by humans and animals by their sense of smell. While odour can refer to pleasant and unpleasant, the terms “scent”, “aroma” and “fragrance” are reserved for pleasant-smelling odours and frequently used in food and cosmetic industry to describe floral scents or perfumes.


In the recent years, Singapore’s tourism has changed dramatically, making the island-city Singapore a even more vibrant and exciting destination. If you are planning a trip to Singapore you need to add Sentosa island in what to do Singapore list. 

Sentosa Island is new tourist activity Singapore and the Scent-osa perfume workshop – new attraction Singapore is a must to attend place which is a part of Sentosa nature discovery and surrounded by lush greenery and is right behind butterfly garden In Scent-osa workshop tourists make their bespoke scent based on their personality. You can take a personality quiz based on the gender and answer the questioner. The results of the quiz let you know your personality and the perfume that would enhance your personality

The perfume making process is projected as a video and the digital e-perfumer at Scent-osa assists throughout the process. The fragrances at Scent-osa are infused with oils of native orchid of Singapore.

The other activities at one can enjoy at Sentosa island are

  • The Panoramic cable car ride with views of Singapore’s skyline stretching as far as Indonesia
  • Cultural discovery of Singapore history
  • Beautiful Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom
  • Tiger Sky Tower

It would make sense to visit Scent-osa workshop and to purchase the orchid-infused perfume and gift it as a souvenir for your loved ones!