Where in Utah Are the Most Ghosts to Be Found?

While travelling through Utah, several tourists claim to have seen spirits. On my list of locations to visit in Utah if you’re looking for a good fright, you’ll find some of the most horrific haunted homes in the state. Additionally, if you’re interested in finding out more about the urban legends, historical curses, aliens, and unsolved mysteries connected to America’s National Parks, we can help.

Mccune Mansion

In Salt Lake City, Utah, there is a Victorian-style home called the Alfred McCune Home. It is located at the top of a tiny hill. In 1901, the building project cost $1,000,000! It often holds weddings, corporate events, and other contemporary social gatherings nowadays.

Despite being one of Utah’s most haunted locations, it is still a fantastic spot to explore. The McCune Mansion is home to two apparitions that have gained notoriety for their regular appearances. The first one is a lovely young lady. She is around ten years old and is eagerly anticipating the next wedding at the estate.

Many believe that the little girl formerly lived in the mansion because her photograph is seen hanging on a wall. At weddings, it’s not uncommon to see her beaming and having a good time. You can go for the most haunted places in utah there.

Rio Grande Depot

We have a ghost story the next week that takes place in the Old Rio Grande Railroad Depot and is set on a train. At this historic location, popularly known as “the place where the purple lady hangs out,” it is said that the ghostly purple woman may be felt.

The 1910 construction of the Rio Grande Train Depot cost $750,000. It was a great amount of money back then! The impressive architectural style of the structure, which helped to explain the high price tag, included the huge, arched windows.

Devereaux Mansion

Legend has it that a little girl who died there is supposed to haunt it. The little girl seems to be dressed in typical 1850s garb. She may often be seen in the ancient house’s window on a higher story. She has allegedly been heard singing, humming, and sometimes even talking to herself. In addition, there is photographic proof of her existence.

Old Tooele Hospital

Samuel F. Lee constructed Asylum 49 in 1873 to use as a residence for his family. After then, it was changed into a haunted hospital. The region has a long history and has become more significant throughout time. The house was turned into a senior retirement community when the former occupants left. A mental unit was included when it reopened as a hospital after undergoing major repairs. Strange occurrences at the facility have been reported by several past patients and present personnel. Although white uniforms were seldom worn by nurses, it was often assumed that anybody who cared for patients would be dressed in white. Some people, particularly at night, claim to have encountered a ghostly apparition while strolling down the corridor.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery

The Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery at Southern Utah University (SUU) is claimed to be haunted by the spirit of a pianist. This spectral figure has been connected to a junior high school student who wanted to play “Deep Purple” at her prom. The song is now often performed for museum visitors despite the fact that she did not live to see her aspirations fulfilled.