5 things to look out for when planning a family trip

We help you plan and organise a fun family vacation, with a few handy tips. 

The monsoon season is upon us, bringing its own romance and endless cups of cutting chai with deep fried snacks. You rush back home from work when it starts pouring with rain, to find your family waiting for you to have dinner together and exchange notes on their day. 

And then, unbidden, comes an image to your mind: of you and your family taking a trip together, sitting in front of the fireplace drinking cups of cocoa and singing songs, or huddled up together in blankets in the dark and swapping ghostly anecdotes. You’ve been meaning to take such an idyllic trip for years – this year, you can! There are so many excellent family holiday destinations in India to pick from, so why not get cracking on your plans right away? 

* Decide your destination. 

Go online to check the family holiday destinations you can go to at last minute. Most places in India will have a lot of rain this season – but it only adds to the charm of most places like Kodaikanal and Ooty. Besides, there will be less tourists around in most destinations, so you and your loved ones can explore peacefully. Pick from different experiential holidays: mountain, riverside, beachside, heritage or jungle tours. We recommend steering clear of extremely cold places like Darjeeling and Nainital at this time, if your children are very young.

* Pick a resort that offers it all.

The best family holiday destinations are those that have not just scenic locales and markets to explore, but also resorts that offer a range of experiences for children and adults alike. These resorts offer premium accommodation and a range of on-site amenities that enliven the holiday experience like nothing else can. Right from planning your travel to nearby locations to offering spas, games and great food, the resort handles it all so that you don’t have to. 

* Get your flights sorted.

If you’re booking a last-minute holiday, then you might have to pay a little more than you normally would for your flights. On the other hand, if you’re picking a family holiday destination that fewer people take during this time, such as Goa or Manali, then you might get cheaper tickets. Apart from flight bookings, also sort out inner city travel, and pre-book cabs from the airport to the resort. 

* Explore, eat, shop, enjoy.

Your holiday is already made special by the presence of your loved ones with you. But the trip becomes something extraordinary when you have an itinerary that everyone can enjoy. You could take a jeep tour in Jim Corbett National Park, or go boating in Ooty. If you and the kids are more adventure-inclined, then you go can go deep sea diving or parasailing in Goa. Once you’ve extracted as much out of the morning as you possibly could, you can spend your evenings shopping as a family, trying out local delicacies, and then retiring to your room tired and happy.