5 Tips for a family trip to Israel

Israel is a small country but it is rich in natural beauty, has beautiful beaches, and spiritual places. It has some of the most holy sites in the world. Israel is also the home to the Dead Sea – that is the lowest point on earth. You can enjoy the diversity of the weather – from the hottest months in summer to snow reaching Golan Heights and occasional snowfall in Jerusalem. The region gets the rainfall along the coast in winter.

1. Consider a good travel agency

Having a local guide can make a huge difference for making your visit comfortable and hassle-free. GS Travel can plan your whole itinerary according to your personal needs and preferences.

2. Experience diversity of cultures

In Jerusalem and Nazareth, you will see Mosques, Churches, and the worship places of Jews. Sigs in Tel Aviv are in Hebrew, English, Russian, and Arabic language. To get the best out of your visit to Israel, enjoy the diversity of cultures living in harmony in Israel.

3. Enjoy Israeli food

You will find the amazing blend of tastes and cultures in Israeli food. The warm pieces of bread, fresh fruits, hot poached eggs, grilled peppers, cheese, with juice will make you forget any worries. You can enjoy shwarma at the local shwarma place and delicious walnut baklava from the market.

You will also find a variety of restaurants in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

4. Visit archeological ruins

The biggest highlight of Israel is its amazing archeological sites. You can see Herod, King of Judea when Jesus was born and lived, the sea where Jesus walked on water. You can visit ruins of mosaic, cisterns, take a ritual bath, and touch the giant rocks the Roman army used to destroy the fort and end the Jewish uprising in 73 A.D.

5. Be prepare for winter weather

If you are traveling to Israel in winter, bring clothes for ever-changing winter weather. At day it may be hot enough for you to dip in the Dead Sea and at night you may need a sweater to walk outside.

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