Knowing Your Favourite Food

The favorite food list of kids, if asked, may likely include jam, peanut butter,  pizza,  jelly, French fries, and the famous ice cream. Parents would wish such a list included more healthy food like broccoli and  Brussels sprouts. In this likelihood, all over the world and in food tour Chinatown Bangkok (which is the term in Thai), a favorite food for individuals differ probably because of what is obtained in such regions.

Do people have the same favorite food?

Mexican cuisine would contain food like fajitas, tacos burritos, and enchiladas. An Italian would choose a favorite from fettuccini alfredo and chicken Parmigiano. Thinking Chinese would leave you with options like an egg roll, and fried rice or even General Tso’s chicken. From surveys in different countries of about 16,000 people as held by the Oxfam community, similar food was reported to be a majority of the people’s favorite overall. These were: meat, pasta, and rice. In the US, the top-ranking food was: pizza, chicken, and steak. For those in Pakistan, the top favorites were veggies. Other countries visited for the research were; South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Russia, Morocco, Mexico, Kenya, India, Brazil, Australia, Ghana, Germany, England, and the Netherlands. Food consumption all over the world, as shown by the report, seemed to be shifting owing mainly to the increasing price of food items and more consideration on health implications.

Hunger also is on the increase and fast becoming a global challenge as that Worlds population increases. Although the world, in general, produces enough food to feed its entire population and more, inequality and poverty are the leading causes of hunger, which is still spreading. Many cannot afford to buy the food items produced and then, most grains produced are used in feeding livestock or for biodiesel production.