Countries With the Best Food for Tourists

Food has always been an integral part of culture. Apart from language, it is a means by which different people maintain cultural identity. When touring countries, it is often interpreted as a welcome token to the regions of that particular country.

Each country has their specific local dishes, all of which are considered tasty. Nevertheless, there are certain cuisines from some countries that are completely mind-blowing. 

List of Countries With the World’s Best Local Foods We have carefully compiled a list of nations that offer the best local foods for tourists to try. The following consists of this list.


One of the top things to do in Australia as a tourist is trying out various cuisines which locals like to call their own. Being both a continent and a country, the dishes are a major representation of multiculturalism.

A few of Australia’s most well known dishes include: green chicken curry pie, hamburger mixed with beetroot, fantales, chicken and corn soup, barramundi, cheese and bacon rolls, corn sticks and so forth.


India is not only considered to be amongst the best attraction sites in the world, but it also tops the list of nations with the best local cuisines. Known for its love for colors and spice, the nation has a wide combination of cuisines sourced from all across its continent.

Indian dishes have largely been recognized as the most internationally consumed cuisines on the planet. Their most famous dishes include: Aloo gobi (fried crisp potatoes and cauliflower), Rogan Josh, Aloo ke Gutke, litti chokha, rosogulla, idli, pav bhaji, dhokla, dal-baati-churma, chole bhature, meen curry, biryani and lots more. The most exciting part is the fact that these local dishes are completely affordable, one can order a variety of local dishes for as low as 50 cents.


Being the first and only nation in the world whose cuisine was titled by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, Mexican dishes have established its place in the world. A significant part of the cuisine is influenced by a combination of native culture and Spanish colonization.The most popular Mexican local cuisines include: Tacos Al Pasto, tostadas, chilaquiles, chiles en nogada, pozole, enchiladas, tamales, elote and much more.


Famous for introducing Pizza to the planet, all Italian cuisines focus on simplicity and standard of ingredients. Italians are said to be the most talented at appreciating and enjoying life, and this feeling is visible in their dishes. Italian food is the primary basis why individuals often choose to tour the country. 

Their cuisines range from Abbacchio alla romana (braised and roasted lamb), bucatini all’ amatriciana, spaghetti Alla carbonara, pizza, risotto, arancini, Florentine steak, polenta, ossobuco, truffles, lasagne, gelato, burrata, and focaccia.


Lovers of food and local cuisines find great pleasure in exploring various countries and eating together with locals. This thrilling mouth-watering adventure opens the window for learning about a country’s customs and heritage. Other countries with extremely tasty cuisines are: China, Thailand, Greece, France, Turkey, Japan, Morocco, Argentina, Portugal, Iran, and Spain.