Elephants have a great significance in the culture of Thailand

Elephants have a great connection with the history of Thailand. The elephant is also the national animal of Thailand. Thai people have been using elephants for centuries. This massive creature is used for transportation, and it was also used as a war animal. Elephants are thought to be very loyal to their masters. Thus, Thai people usually capture elephants from the forest and train them. Then, they use it for the transportation of massive goods, and they earn great revenue. Thai people have a great association with the elephants and their religion also gives massive respect to elephants.

Safety measures are needed to protect this endangered species

The number of elephants all across the world is continuously descending. Elephants are an endangered species. An endangered species is the one for which the world wildlife fund has released a warning due to the decreasing number. Elephants always remain a hunt for the local people; thus, the governments all over the world are trying to save the wildlife. Preservation of wildlife is really important to keep the natural balance of life. These species help us a lot in many ways. Consider an example of bees. We think that bees are a really irritating creature, but if bees are removed from this world, then the world will become full of dirty mass in no time.

Introduction of the elephant sanctuary is really a great step

The people of Thailand have introduced many elephant sanctuaries all over their country to save their national animal. Every citizen must contribute to it. The Samui elephant sanctuary is one of these projects. The intention is to create a healthy and cooperative environment between the elephant and the man. Thai people cannot afford to lose more elephants because they get benefited from this creature in many ways.