Nepal Travel Guide- A Trip That Lasts For a Lifetime

Summer has been started if you people look for the best holiday destination then why don’t you plan a trip to Nepal with your beloved ones. It’s a beautiful country, famous for its natural beauty, massive mountains, breathtaking adventurous activities and more. Every year from the entire part of the globe vacationers come to enjoy the beauty of the land with their beloved ones. If you are interested in Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour, then it’s advisable to you choose the reputed tour and travel agency for arranging your trip as per your budget.

Last Year I had travelled to Nepal with my family members and it was a wonderful experience. As vacationers, we take help from the leading tour and travel company for planning our itinerary as per our suggested requirement and budget. If talking about Nepal beauty then it can’t be described in a few words please visit this land at once in your life.

Nepal is the hub of natural wonders and ideal for all kind of vacationers such as nature lovers, honeymooners, trekkers, pilgrims, and many more. You know Nepal is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, it has long been a favorite spot for tourists. Nepal is considered as the Home to Everest, the highest mountain on earth, you do not need to visit the western tourist hotspots to experience what the country has to offer.

The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu and it is a bustling modern city, which still retains the magical spirit and unique architectural landscape which made it famous. Here, you can stock up on traditional exotic produce, explore the amazing architecture of Durbar Square, or immerse yourself in the culture at one of the many museums and art galleries.

Kathmandu is not just a once great city that has been spoilt by aggressive tourism and traffic pollution. Whilst it is true that the center is a hub of noise and crowds, you do not have to go far to escape the throng and find countless examples of the city’s rich heritage which has thankfully stood the test of time.

If you are an adventure lover then, of course, you need to visit Nepal because it would be a wise choice if you are interested in a trekking experience. The country is remarkable for how visitors can experience snow-topped mountains, sprawling forests and wild, humid jungles all within the same trip.

Points to keep in mind before visiting Nepal:

  1. If you are planning a trip to Nepal with your beloved ones, then it’s very important for everyone that they choose the leading tour and travel agency for planning itinerary as per the client’s request and budget.
  2. Before starting your trip to Nepal it’s very important for everyone that you take Nepal visa. You know Nepal offers visa upon arrivals to its visitors.
  3. If you like to experience trekking, then it’s crucial for the travelers that they don’t trek alone. Every traveler needs to hire a guide or trek with other people. There are online forums where travelers can look for fellow-trekkers.
  4. Every traveler need to keep in their mind that they maintain all the rules and regulation of the country. When you move to any place in Nepal it’s very important for you that you don’t throw garbage anywhere because it harms the natural wonders of Nepal.

These are essential things which every vacationer needs to keep in mind when to tour Nepal with their family members, friends, and relatives. As a vacationer, if you don’t have an idea about the best time to visit in Nepal, then don’t take tension October-November is the time when you visit Nepal. If you are fond of Nepal Bhutan Tour, then it’s very important for you that you read the above points for a safe trip with your beloved ones.

Nepal is a stunning place to go for trekking and enjoy the magnificent sights that surround you. Nepal is a place to just go and indulge in everything that nature has to offer.