Reasons Why Hotels Are Still The Best Way To Stay

You have already bought the flight, and now you are looking for the perfect accommodation. But which ones? A holiday apartment, a private room, a pension or a hostel?

To be more precise, more than 50 percent of respondents from 16 of the 20 countries included in a conducted survey said they prefer to stay in a hotel when on vacation. Here are the reasons:

Always Clean And Fixed

Don’t stress by making the bed at the hotel. Nothing is better than sleeping in clean and fresh sheets. This is one of the significant advantages of staying in a hotel, forget about the maintenance, hygiene and order of your room, you just enjoy and rest of course.

Worldwide Availability

Perhaps you are one of those who like to travel without planning everything, leaving space for adventure and spontaneity. The good thing about hotels is that no matter what part of the world you go, there will always be one: whether you’re walking through the streets of Paris or looking for 5 star hotels in Bangkok.


Being on vacation means forgetting about all the problems, no thinking about work or daily tasks. The hotels want to contribute their grain of sand so that, thanks to their services, you don’t have to do anything at all. They can vary a lot, but usually include cleaning service, bathroom accessories, room service, laundry service, Internet access, towels and bed linen.

Restaurant Options

When you travel, sometimes you skip a meal to make the most of your time and not miss anything. But don’t worry, if you stay at the hotel, they will recharge your batteries. From breakfasts, including room service and good restaurants, eating at the hotel is comfortable, practical and you will find food options for all tastes by the hands of chefs.

24-Hour Service

One of the factors in favor of staying in Pratunam hotels is that you can count on a service that will be willing to help you with any unforeseen event that may occur and always ensure your comfort. In the hotel they will help you with the procedures you need such as advising you about the best tourist attractions in the city, buying tickets for an event, going out to a city tour, looking for an excellent local restaurant and even calling a taxi.