Why Buy A Portable Car Shade

Following a considerable upgrade, the era of the traditional car covers which take ages to get over cars are gradually going extinct. The new car sunshade umbrella [ร่มบังแดดรถ which is the term in Thai] is a portable, wireless, state of the art masterpiece. It has one of the most affordable umbrellas for cars price. Asides the principal function of giving shade and covering to your car, it is equipped with various features. Below are some extra features it possesses. For a distinctive look, you can customize your car to your taste — no limits to letters, images, writings, or carving.


Every car owner prioritizes the safety of his or her car, hence the need to keep it safely covered at all times. The new portable car shade is the perfect fit for such. With the remote control, at any time and any place, your car is safe and covered. Mobility is the most outstanding feature of the car shade.

Interestingly, the cover is made up of fiberglass that stands the force of bricks and stones. Also, it has full coverage from dust, hail, and even from freezing weather. The easy installation and mobility make it a product to purchase.

Doubles As A Business Stand

A car owner who is business inclined can make use of the car shade, plus it does not occupy much storage space in the trunk. With its adjustable and detachable stands, it can double as an umbrella [ร่มกางรถ which is the term in Thai] for outdoor events and activities. As it will attract the eyes of passersby, it is a great avenue to do something lucrative. You can choose to run a fruit store during your spare time or sell a meal you are conversant with and get some extra cash.