Your Fantastic Travel Plan for Greece

Fall is a fantastic time to escape the crowds at popular sites while still finding amazing deals. In September, the weather is always pleasant and the water is warm. Is it just the two of us? But it’s a well-guarded secret. The greatest time to visit the Greek Islands is in the autumn.

Santorini Is One Of The Cyclades Islands.

What about the world-famous sunset over Santorini? It’s much more amazing when there aren’t as many visitors around. You’ll also find that restaurants, pubs, and tourist spots are less crowded. More significantly, the cooler temperature allows you to enjoy treks without overheating from the sun, as well as less oppressive beach days. In addition, the famed red sand beach may be at its finest in the autumn. And, let’s face it, our white skin, which resembles a whitewashed Greek home, will most likely thank us for avoiding as much sunlight as possible.

Santorini weather in autumn: With temperatures ranging from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius, a dry environment, and plenty of end-of-season sunshine, fall in Santorini is extremely pleasant.

Cyclades Islands – Mykonos

When is the best time to visit Mykonos? Fall is ideal for seeing the rest of the island if you aren’t interested in the nightlife. The Greeks and frequent visitors to Mykonos flock to the island at this time. Both in Chora and on the beaches, there is greater breathing room. You may participate in more physical activities, such as kayaking or horseback riding, or simply rest at your leisure. You may even stop by the Bakoyia, the residents’ favourite café, for a cup of coffee and to listen to interesting debates. This version of Mykonos, as you can see, is more Fleet Foxes and less Diplo.

Autumn in Mykonos is warm, with highs of 27° C and 23° C in September and September, respectively. The water is nice and warm, with a temperature of approximately 22 degrees Celsius. Seasonal Meltemi breezes from the north may sometimes chill the atmosphere, which isn’t always a negative thing. While you visit here you can also opt for bareboat charter Greece for a water ride.

Ionian Islands: Corfu

Corfu is an excellent Greek island for all sorts of vacations, and a small heaven for adventurers, despite the bright summer heat and enticing beaches. Long hikes across verdant hills and mountain towns, sampling sessions of Italian-inspired cuisine, or calmer strolls around the ancient Venetian town are all possible options. This season, the locals are also more relaxed and welcoming.

In September, the weather in Corfu is bright, with average highs of 28 degrees Celsius. The average high temperature in September is 23 degrees Celsius. A rain or storm may occur from time to time, although they do not stay long.

Saronic Islands, Spetses

The Old Port of Spetses is a really spectacular sight with its mosaic of ancient and modern buildings. In general, the island of Spetses stands notable in Greek history since it was here that the revolution flag was hoisted during the Greek War of Independence in 1821. It is currently recognized for its tranquil blue waters, quiet walks, and lush greenery. In the spring, when wildflowers emerge, the lush becomes even more vivid. What’s the cherry on top? By Vernicos Yachts, it takes less than three hours from Athens.